What is Menter Iaith?

A Menter Iaith is a body that promotes and develops the Welsh language on a local level. There is a Menter Iaith in almost every Welsh county. The name translates into English as ‘Language Initiative.’

What about Menter Iaith Conwy?

Menter Iaith Dinbych-Conwy was established in 1998 as a voluntary body based on a partnership between Canolfan Iaith Clwyd, Menter Dyffryn Clwyd and Menter Colwyn. It had a membership and a steering committee (with officers) and its activities were governed by a constitution. Some of its members were individuals whilst others were representatives of various organisations.
In September 2003 it was decided to abolish Menter Iaith Dinbych-Conwy and establish two separate organisations, one for each county. This led to the formation of Menter Iaith Conwy and Menter Iaith Dinbych. The main reason for separation was the growth of the Menter’s activities, plans and staff. The new arrangement has led to better administration, particularly in financial matters, and each of the Mentrau is now more in tune with its own plans in its own county. Since its establishment the number of staff at Menter Iaith Conwy has increased and facilities have improved.
Menter Iaith Conwy arrange a wide range of workshops, activities and projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. I.e. Fun activity days for kids, adventure days for all the family, outdoor sports clubs, ‘Splash Magic’ sessions for mothers and babies, story sessions, opening a Welsh medium pre-school nursery, arranging gigs, running a renewable energy programme, and much more.
They also work together with local area commitees in all parts of Conwy county; the Menter’s rural and coastal area development officers assist these groups of volunteers to find grant funding and arrange events to promote the use of Welsh in the community.