Cymru, Lloegr, Ffrainc, Fflandrys, Twrci, Mesopotamia, Yr Aifft, Palesteina a Llanrwst

Llanrwst is a historic market town — and the centrepoint of Dyffyn Conwy in many ways. The town developed as a trading centre due to its distance from Conwy! Edward the 1st put in place a rule forbidding any Welshmen from trading within 10 miles to the ‘English’ walled town, and being some 13 miles away, Llanrwst capitalised!

Llanrwst had a population of around 2,600 at the time of the Great War (it has around 3,300 today), with just over half of these being males. It is suggested that over 600 of these served during WW1 — and a large number of them never returned.

Llanrwst cenotaph stands on Denbigh Street; there are 85 names under the First World War section!

As well as the fallen from the town itself, also included are the names of the war dead from the parish of ‘Llanrwst Rural’ (Bro Garmon today), the nearby areas of Llanddoged and Maenan, as well as a number of lads born and raised in local villages who worked in the town. As a result, by focusing on the town itself, we can deduct 27 off that initial figure (leaving us with 58).

More details to follow…