Mathew Hughes

Language: Welsh & English
Rank & Number: Private, 241127
Regiment: 5th batallion RWF
Cemetery / Memorial: Jerusalem Memorial, Palestine
Other memorials: Capel Curig


March 26th 1917, aged 20 (the same day and during the same battle – the First Battle of Gaza – as his friend and neighbour, David Owen Roberts)

Life / Background:

Son of William and Margaret Hughes, Bryn Llys Uchaf. Follwing his primary education in Capel Curig, he enlisted to the RWF with David Owen Roberts; both served in Palestine.
The EEF (Egyptian Expeditionary Force) — which Matthew, David, and the RWF were part of — formed to secure the vital sea route through the Suez Canal, which had been threatened by a Turkish Ottoman raid in early 1915. Gaving secured the canal and the Sinai Peninsula, the EEF went on to attempt to dislodge the Turks from Palestine and to capture Jerusalem.
Matthew’s older brother, John, also seved in WW1 but was fortunate enough to return to Capel Curig alive.
Excerpts taken from the following book:
‘The First World War : A Great War? (Life in Caernarfonshire and on the Front)’ by Friends of St Julitta’s Church / Harvey Lloyd