Bro Cernyw


The communities of Gwytherin, Pandy Tudur and Llangernyw lie within the parish of Bro Cernyw; as is the case with the vast majority of rural Conwy’s parishes, this is another vast and agricultural area. As far as can be calculated, 23 of Bro Cernyw’s lads lost their lives as a result of WW1, and scores more local men played a part; for better and for worse.
According to the Roll of Honour in the village hall, at least 24 of Gwytherin’s sons went to war; a quarter of them never returned.

The small village of Pandy Tudur is situated midway between Gwytherin and Llangernyw. Llanddewi was the original name, but around the time of the Great War it was changed to the present name. It is said that ‘Pandy Budr’ was the source of the new name, as a result of the local woolen mill poluting the water of Afon Derfyn which runs through the llan (budr meaning ‘dirty’ in Welsh)!
The names of 6 local men are engraved onto a brass plaque in the chapel, but it has been discovered that 2 more names can also be added to our list. Several local people also died of a different cause around the time of the end of the war and the beginning of the ‘peace’; we will also expand on this.

More details to follow…